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IPS, first track from the album Terbaik Terbaik by Dewa 19. Solo guitar from the guitarist, Andra Ramadhan, also the song composer. I didn’t get what IPS stands for and i’m quite sure that most of you, must’ve ever thought that it stands for Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial, hehehe…. Until yesterday my friend told me that it stands for Ismulia Permata Sari, the name of Andra’s wife. 😀

Anyway, i found the cover version of the song from youtube, played clearly and nicely by TheRenhart. check this out…

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May 10, 2012 at 6:35 am

Prevent Google to Redirect to Local Country-Specific Searching

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I’m currently working for a Korean Company. Each time i go to Google, i wil be redirected to Google Korea page. It’s little bit annoying not only i couldn’t read korea very well but also the search engine will prefer to show the  results from local Korean site. I’d like to go to page rather than being redirected to  country-location-specific google page.

Changing my default language to English didn’t help. Until i found this post in Google Forum discussion. The only thing you need to do is only visiting the  Google no country redirect (NCR) url ( That will install a cookie that prevents country specific search results.  If we want to reset our  browser to enable country redirect feature, only thing we need to do is just delete our  google NCR cookies.

According to post i’ve mentioned before, some people couldn’t use the NCR cookie. The way that also works for them is by manually set search engine preferences with : url. But for me, the NCR just works fine and smoothly.

I hope it will helps you if you meet the same problem. 🙂

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May 5, 2012 at 6:16 am

Upload Your Own Plurk Emoticons!

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Bored with your current plurk emoticons? wanna create your own and show it on plurk?

Now plurk developer has made it possible. just follow my instructions below

1. Complete your profile, try to reach 100 % profile completeness, although some of my friend could upload his own emoticons with only 90 % complete profile. just fill your secondary email, school, preferences, etc.. don’t worry, plurk promises not to leak your personal data 🙂

2. Go to your plurk box, click on your emoticons button, select “My Emoticons Tab”

you could either upload emoticons from your own PC or insert the image link from internet.

After the picture has been uploaded or selected, choose the “keyword” which you want to use when you want to show your emoticons. The pattern is enclosed by side bracket. For example, if you upload an emoticon and rename it as “sample” you should type “[sample]” to use that emoticons.

3. Back to your My Emoticons tab, choose emoticon you wish to use and click it. Or simply type the keyword if you already memorized it 😛

voilla! done…

enjoy your own emoticons dude… 😉

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August 19, 2011 at 6:02 am

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Hey, There’s Something New on Plurk

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But i don’t quite sure that these features are really new… I mean, maybe The A Team has already released these features some moments ago, and i just realize these new features recently

First, plurk now shows how many people are clicking “Like” button on our status, on the bottom right side of our plurk. No need to expand our plurk just to find out how many people are liking our status.

Then, Plurk allows user to backup their data, from the first time we greet “hello” to the world till we updated status about our dinner last night, isn’t it cool? 😉

Plurk now also measure the completeness of our profile. I don’t much know what is this feature for or how plurk measure it, but in my plurk, i filled my complete name, gender, and about, and plurk says that my profile is 53 % complete. Oh wait, now there’s an extra tab on our profile named Extra, maybe plurk will use our profile complete data for matching plurker with same interests in their friend suggestions feature, maybe :p

Finally, now we are able to change our display name color, from default reddish colour to Red, Blue or Green Colour. To change your display name color, go to “edit” section on My Profile Tab, you’ll find there are 3 available colors for our display name (red, green or blue). It answers my curiosity about how @ryanlim ‘s profile name are blue-colored.

happy plurking everybody 😉



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July 29, 2011 at 12:03 am

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Plurk New Custom Emoticons (through

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few weeks ago, amix posted a thread about user self customization plurk emoticons.
it seemed that user were able to upload their own custom emoticons through but unfortunatelly, it seems that user right to upload their custom emoticons only last for few hours only, since then untill now when we open the url we will be redirected to our own profile page 😦

but don’t worry, you still can use the customized emoticons in your profile that already
been uploaded by someone else. I’ve already made the emoticons listing.

How to use it?
simply block the image, copy image location (it depends on your browser) and paste it.
Custom emoticons always started with url.
Another tricky way to use the emoticons is block and drag the images to the plurk box,
if somebody else has already used the emoticons before 😀

so, here are the list :

to be frank, recently, i’m not trying the plurka yet, but my friend tells me that the application has already provides custom emoticons and the emoticons can be used easily :)for user, you can easily use those emoticons in your mobile by using plurka application. simply go to the android market and download the application, for free… 😀

chrome user could easily use those emoticons using an emoticon extension, download and install it 😉

so, happy plurking everybody… ~


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July 22, 2011 at 7:51 am

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