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Facebook Help, Does it REALLY Help You?

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Facebook, the social networking site that was developed by Mark Zuckerberg maybe now is the most popular social networking site in the world right now, its popularity has been grown rapidly since Zuckerberg launched this site on 2004. Started as a campus networking site, Facebook has developed it’s popularity all over the world ever since.

Several days ago my friend encountered some problem with his facebook account, he asked for my help. He left his notebook in the evening and when he woke up in the next morning he couldn’t log on to his email and facebook account.

He easily could recover his email password because he has added secondary email to his email account, but when he tried to recover his facebook password, there were some problems

First, he try to recover his password through “Forgot My Password”, FB send him a recovery email but when he came back to his account FB told him that his account was suspended temporarily.

Second, he asked me for help. I told him to try recover his password through this link. Seems that this way also didn’t works

Third, i tried to find out how could i send email directly to FB developer, then i found the Facebook Help. Seems there’s no way to send email directly to the developers. After I looking around and asked it on Google, I found the Phishing section on the Facebook Help, seems that it would be helpful. So I Choose to recover “My Friends Account”. I describe all of the problems that encountered by my friends, then I received an email (definitely seems that it came from automatic answering email engine), that told me to go to a link and enter a confirmation code that has been sent to my friend email account. After entering the confirmation code, seems that everything was fine, I asked to enter new password and then…


“The Account is temporarily suspended”

seems nothing different with two solutions above. When i tried to follow the steps, FB said that My friend’s account was locked, huh…

and now,
what should he do? what can i do to help him recover his account?

Fkin Lcked

I’m totally out of ideas. I can’t explain the problems my friend encountered directly because it seems that facebook automatically answer the user problem with machine, well this one is little bit disappointing for me, how could recover FB account was so difficult? Another friend of mine, who tried to delete his account was told me that the deletion steps is such long and complicated one.

Whereas, some weeks ago, i got problems with my wordpress blog when i tried to export my blog. Then i contact the developer team, and they help me nicely, guided my through step by step explanation and send me personal email to help me, NOT an automated email generated from a machine.

Then, what can I say about those Facebook help?


Written by rizkianto

January 2, 2011 at 2:37 am

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