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IPS, first track from the album Terbaik Terbaik by Dewa 19. Solo guitar from the guitarist, Andra Ramadhan, also the song composer. I didn’t get what IPS stands for and i’m quite sure that most of you, must’ve ever thought that it stands for Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial, hehehe…. Until yesterday my friend told me that it stands for Ismulia Permata Sari, the name of Andra’s wife. 😀

Anyway, i found the cover version of the song from youtube, played clearly and nicely by TheRenhart. check this out…

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May 10, 2012 at 6:35 am

Upload Your Own Plurk Emoticons!

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Bored with your current plurk emoticons? wanna create your own and show it on plurk?

Now plurk developer has made it possible. just follow my instructions below

1. Complete your profile, try to reach 100 % profile completeness, although some of my friend could upload his own emoticons with only 90 % complete profile. just fill your secondary email, school, preferences, etc.. don’t worry, plurk promises not to leak your personal data 🙂

2. Go to your plurk box, click on your emoticons button, select “My Emoticons Tab”

you could either upload emoticons from your own PC or insert the image link from internet.

After the picture has been uploaded or selected, choose the “keyword” which you want to use when you want to show your emoticons. The pattern is enclosed by side bracket. For example, if you upload an emoticon and rename it as “sample” you should type “[sample]” to use that emoticons.

3. Back to your My Emoticons tab, choose emoticon you wish to use and click it. Or simply type the keyword if you already memorized it 😛

voilla! done…

enjoy your own emoticons dude… 😉

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August 19, 2011 at 6:02 am

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Using Plurk Hidden Emoticons Easily without Memorizing

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Are you plurker? you may familiar with these `plurkish` emoticons
, or

Even some of you have already memorized the emoticons code, don’t you?

Recently, plurk has released `tons` of hidden emoticons, i’ve listed all of those emoticons on my previous article and now it seems so difficult to remember all of those emoticons code.Fortunately, some plurkers have create an easy way to use those emoticons, no need to memorize. This way works on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser.

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February 12, 2011 at 4:03 am

Blackberry, iPhone or Android?

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just a little thought in my mind…

Blackberry : trendsetter of smartphone, reliable server, good data compression, start to lose his huge market share because of android phone emergence, seems good but actually lack of features, BB Messenger and Push Mail are their selling points, without those two? nothing

iPhone : unaffordable, missing few features of a high-end phone should have, but offers adorable design, excellent graphics, gained favour of mac / apple user

Android : definitely more affordable than first 2, still under development, hundreds of free applications, customizable, but seems lack of battery durability

ah, never mind….

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January 5, 2011 at 3:11 pm

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Plurk’s New Year Bug, eh?

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Happy new year everybody!

well, what’s your resolution for this year? for me, it’s 1280 * 800 on my Dell Inspiron, ehehehehe….

last night on the new year’s eve i didn’t go everywhere, just bought some roasted corn nearby and spend my night coding, surfing and plurking, and i realized that last night, plurk has encountered some minor bugs

1. Some of my friends timeline showed birthday cake, although their birthday is not today. They congratulated by their friends and totally out of ideas because their birthday is not today for sure.

New Year Bug

2.Last night i blocked a user on my timeline for unconvenience reason, you know, some kind of “karma hunter”, that’s my terminology for a person who ask for boost on your timeline, they appears on your timeline, posting some annoying response (RESPON, boosted, boost back, etc… WTF!)  and asked you to respond nack on their timeline. He appears on my timeline, i blocked him, gave some farewell and guess what? he still appeared on my timeline (doh). Pardon that i didn’t post the screenshoot here because my connection was slowing down, but you can check on my timeline particularly on this thread.

I think there’re some another plurk bug today.I hope the plurk team, @amix particularly will fixed this issue as soon as possible…

Happy plurking everybody!


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January 1, 2011 at 1:25 am

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Complete List of Plurk (Hidden) Emoticons

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Plurk is a social networking site that allow you to post 140 characters of your status. Maybe seems like another status-sharing sites but plurk offers more fun. In plurk there are Karma, a valuation of your activities in plurk. Higher Karma will allow you to post your status with some cute emoticons. Here are the full list of plurk emoticons, to use it just writes the code preceeding when you write your status  in your plurk account.

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December 24, 2010 at 7:26 am

Plurk Unlimited Karma

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Sambil berbenah blog baru ini, sejenak melirik timeline plurk saya. Saya lihat teman saya membuat thread baru yang mengatakan karmanya 100.01 (woot). Lalu iseng saya cek karma saya, ternyata 100.03 (woot). Tak lama muncul thread dari plurkbuddy yang berbunyi :

Have you reached 100 Karma and are you bored now? We have a solution – Karma is unlimited now! Enjoy! (dance)

Hmmm…. sedikit kutak-katik, selepas karma 95, plurk mengupdate poin karma 0.01 poin tiap 4 jam, jadi dalam sehari poin karma meningkat 0.06. Dalam 8 hari, karma akan meningkat 0.50, kita anggap saja periode waktu 8 hari itu sebagai seminggu.

digit karma di plurk adalah 3 digit dengan 2 digit dibelakang koma. Asumsi karma maksimal adalah 999.99. Berapa lama waktu yang anda butuhkan untuk mencapai karma tersebut setelah karma anda 100?

(999.99 – 100) / 0.50 = 899.99 / 0.50 = 1799.98 minggu, dibagi 52 minggu menghasilkan 34.615

Jadi, silahkan bila anda memiliki energi berlebih menyisihkan waktu hidup anda selama 35 tahun untuk mencetak rekor sebagai pemilik karma tertinggi di plurk, wkwkwkwkwk…….

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December 21, 2010 at 9:15 pm

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