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Plurk New Custom Emoticons (through

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few weeks ago, amix posted a thread about user self customization plurk emoticons.
it seemed that user were able to upload their own custom emoticons through but unfortunatelly, it seems that user right to upload their custom emoticons only last for few hours only, since then untill now when we open the url we will be redirected to our own profile page 😦

but don’t worry, you still can use the customized emoticons in your profile that already
been uploaded by someone else. I’ve already made the emoticons listing.

How to use it?
simply block the image, copy image location (it depends on your browser) and paste it.
Custom emoticons always started with url.
Another tricky way to use the emoticons is block and drag the images to the plurk box,
if somebody else has already used the emoticons before 😀

so, here are the list :

to be frank, recently, i’m not trying the plurka yet, but my friend tells me that the application has already provides custom emoticons and the emoticons can be used easily :)for user, you can easily use those emoticons in your mobile by using plurka application. simply go to the android market and download the application, for free… 😀

chrome user could easily use those emoticons using an emoticon extension, download and install it 😉

so, happy plurking everybody… ~


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July 22, 2011 at 7:51 am

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Blackberry, iPhone or Android?

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just a little thought in my mind…

Blackberry : trendsetter of smartphone, reliable server, good data compression, start to lose his huge market share because of android phone emergence, seems good but actually lack of features, BB Messenger and Push Mail are their selling points, without those two? nothing

iPhone : unaffordable, missing few features of a high-end phone should have, but offers adorable design, excellent graphics, gained favour of mac / apple user

Android : definitely more affordable than first 2, still under development, hundreds of free applications, customizable, but seems lack of battery durability

ah, never mind….

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January 5, 2011 at 3:11 pm

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